Vince DelPriore: Holistic OrganizerTM

Organizing and unpacking your home, your move, and schedule. 

Virtual Organizing helps those who:

  • Benefit more from: Skype, phone, Facebook chat, or e-mail organizing (send space photos).
  • Live farther than 50 miles from Waltham, MA.
  • Are moving to, out of MA, or cross-state.
  • Are able to lift and organize belongings with guidance.

Note* I still coordinate resources needed for you such as pickups, consignments, mover info, etc. 


1. We'll discuss your needs, if virtual organizing fits, and schedule the first session.

2. I'll e-mail you my client form to be signed, scanned, and returned.

2. 1st session: tour of your space/items, time frames, and create an organizing plan.

3. I handle the research, arranging removals, and I'll follow up to gauge where you're at.

Virtual Organizing Package

**Virtual Organizing Includes:

  • cost-effective, 
  • research/preparation,
  • unlimited e-mail between sessions
  • $15 off for repeat clients.
  • My referral network for home/personal needs
  • Follow up after package term