Vince DelPriore: Holistic OrganizerTM

Organizing and unpacking your home, your move, and schedule. 

     "I was pleasantly surprised that the session flow was like a conversation I had with a longtime friend. Vince's thoughtful unbiased and unattached questions and responses helped me identify solutions that I applied immediately. If you're searching for direction, need priority organizing, or have any issues you'd like to gain solutions to in your personal or business lives - work with Vince. His program can help you as well!”                                                                                                                                                                                                       - Anthony, Boston, MA.
"Vince helped me focus on the change I want see in my life and then pan back to understand the steps I needed to take to achieve that change. After working with Vince, I understood that it isn’t enough to know where I want to go. If I find myself stuck, I need to identify what my roadblocks are. He helped me uncover the B that would move me from A to C. He asked the incisive questions that uncovered the fears and challenges I was repressing and helped me work out the path (B) that I needed to move from my present (A) to my future goal (C)."                                                                                                                                  - TJ, Waltham.

     "Vince has been amazing to work with. I've gained clarity and new ideas to many situations, especially in the career aspect of my life. He has also helped me to bring organization and clear focus to many areas including my daily schedule. He's great at bringing things out about myself that always existed, but would not have fully surfaced without his help. I highly recommend working with Vince to anyone!"                     - Michelle, MA

      "vince helped me shed light on myvarious commitments, make a weekly schedule that fits my life, and helped me think of strategic ways to get long-term projects done in a manageable fashion." 

                                                                                                                                 -Justin W., WordStream, Boston MA.

     "I like Vince's Organizing/Coaching style. My unpacking process was easier and I gained new perspectives. We made a vision for my space that I like and I'm now able to move freely"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           - Travis, Lexington MA

     "Vince accelerated my move in process. We unloaded the truck, shed, and pod pretty quickly. We then organized furniture/other items with the time I had."                                                                                                                                                       - Steve, K., Waltham MA
     "Vince has been an amazing addition and he's a natural leader who's committed to growth. He has been relentless with launching our chapter social networking events and expanding our reach. He's a great organizer and I am more than willing to recommend him to those I know who need his services."
                                                              - Arthur, BNI Waltham Watch City: Chapter President

     "Vince helped me prepare for my new job, inspiring me stay positive when I almost doubted myself. He helped me realize that I have a wealth of customer experience to recall. I got the job, thank you Vince                                                                   Student, Lexington MA

     "Vincent addressed my situation with a unique and insightful perspective. He helped me make a plan and organize my collectibles for storage. I think he makes an excellent organizer."                                                                                                        - T.K., Woburn MA

     "Vincent did an excellent job clearing, organizing, and helped me let go of a lot of items. We discussed how to make better use of my space. I will start to put things away as I get them."                                                                                                       Steve T., Lexington MA

     "Vince did a fabulous job with my disaster of a room and closet in only an hour! I am definitely recommending his services to my friends"                             - K. W., Worcester MA

     "Vince helped me donate a lot of old clothes I forgot about, things I don't wear anymore."                                                                                                    - Widow, Waltham MA