Vince DelPriore: Holistic OrganizerTM

Organizing and unpacking your home, your move, and schedule. 

Me speaking with Becker College Senior Seminar in Psychology. One discussion was organizing vision, time, and what it means to have a schedule based from living one's purpose.

Awarded volunteer professional organizer of September 2015 by my NAPO- New England colleagues & president. We're operated by volunteer Professional Organizers.

I created Vince DelPriore: Holistic Organizerâ„¢ because I found that our living space affects how we think, feel, and act from morning till night. When we give ourselves permission to change or part with items that no longer serve us, it allows us to be two steps foward. This intention makes a more free and comfortable living space.

I live my Holistic Method by providing an aesthetic, empathic, and keen sense to home organizing, while using personal coaching to help you. I like co-creating a positive space that aligns with your personal expression, habits, and happiness...or if you just can't bring your house full of furniture  - that works too! :)

I have a BA in Psychology and studied business. I enjoyed learning these studies, as I believe that everything is psychology and business, which I share personal mindfulness tips with clients.